Long gone are the days when gaming was just a casual past time. Nowadays real money online gaming is a part of a daily entertainment for many people. After all, why not enjoy yourself and earn potentially a decent second – or even primary – income on the side! Mobile technology and the rise of social networking and gaming has played a huge role in the emergence of making money through gaming. It's surprisingly easy in some cases too. Players needn't be casino wizards or sharp fingered shoot-em-up doyens. Anyone can potentially make money with online gaming, and here's some of the best ways.

Online Casinos

While the old sentiment of 'the house always wins' may echo through time, fact is that savvy gamblers can do well by utilizing the very generous sign up bonuses on offer. Remember that the online casino market is swamped with sites looking for custom – and some of their sign up bonuses – especially sportsbooks – can be phenomenal. The latest trend has been offering massively enhanced odds on certain events to entice new sign ups. These are – logically capped to a certain level – but in many cases it's just buying money.

When it comes to table games and slots – check out and compare the options. Online casinos reviewed by Grizzly Gambling will always suggest the best bonuses and offers. Again look out for promotions such as free spins, money back, and loyalty bonuses for regular players. Many online casinos also operate sportsbooks, so save time and use introductory offers across the floor.

Earn Real Money By Harvesting Items & Gold!

It may sound incredulous to the non initiated but there's a lot of real money being traded every day for valued items in massive multiplayer online games. Usually these rewards can be generated by consistent play and achievements – which of course are fun in themselves. Yet with the social aspect involved in many such games there's sizable crossover between virtual and real currency.

The key to making money through this is to use a reputable third party to ensure that the transaction is all above board. In many cases these sites will also advertise the item on offer and the price expected (expect haggling!). Commission rates will vary but are usually quite small – these sites make money on the sheer volume of transactions, not necessarily the value. It's a growth industry at present so do your best to get involved quick, earn those items and gold, and trade them to new players.

Open A Blog Or YouTube Gaming Account

There's money to be made through expertise, and if gaming happens to be your's then why not share the knowledge? YouTube is of course the better known method but there's huge numbers of gaming communities out there where views/post will pay the up loader-thanks to advertising rights. It's essential to really know your game and audience and it's also a very competitive media, but when done right on the basis of a quality reputation it's possible to live off the income from gaming.

Bear in mind that it's predicted that gaming will overtake movies as the most popular domestic entertainment in the next decade or so. It's an ever growing worldwide economy and needn't just be limited to video games either. There's already plenty of people making good money reviewing casino and slot games, as well as freeware and Indy titles. Be open minded, find a niche and anything is possible. Best of all it costs absolutely nothing to set up either.

Participate In E-Sports (If You're Good Enough!)

Widely predicted within the gambling industry to be the next big thing, E-Sports is becoming a major market already. Remember that many of the major games released are now played across a completely global audience. This audience also happens to be rising, and with competitive social gaming now driving the development trend it's logical that in course participation would become monetized.

There's hundreds of people who make a living playing E-Sports, with their income based upon commercial tie ins that offer ever growing prize pots. The most popular individuals and teams are now even able to command an appearance fee. Such interest has also seen the very early days of online casinos offering odds on teams competing in major tournaments – and expect this trend to grow massively in the next few years.

Make Money Via Social Media

Sites such as Facebook are no longer just about keeping up with your buddies. There's hundreds of games that offer cash bonuses and incentives for generating participation. Providing you hook up with a quality game and share it with a number of like minded people, you can quite simply make cash playing with friends.

Plenty of these games – and not just the casino or slots varieties – offer tournament play with sizable rewards. Bear in mind that new games are released every day across a variety of networks – so keep up with trends, play away and above all share!

Final Thoughts

Making money via gaming is going to become an ever greater trend in forthcoming years. The key to earning is to act fast and leap on the crest of the wave. Learning how to take advantage of offers, mastering games, sharing games, and becoming an entertaining portal are all options. Expect that with advent of high quality, affordable domestic Virtual Reality now taking hold that there's going to be even more opportunities in a wholly unexplored market.