A solid 8 hour binge session of CSI would have taught them to be better criminals …

Holy hell: stories like this are what movies are supposed to be made of — not, you know, real life. If we’re to believe what these highly important looking and ultra professional documents are saying — Birdman and Young Thug may have had something to do with Lil Wayne’s brush with death this past April.

On the night of April 26, Lil Wayne performed at a venue called the Compound in Atlanta. GA. Upon leaving, according to court documents, his tour bus was gunned through on the highway. Nobody was injured in the event, but it sure as shit sounds like a 2 Pac styled mission gone wrong.

Later, through whatever policing and investigative work that went on, a man by the name of Peewee Roscoe (real name Jimmy Winfrey) was arrested in the shooting. The court documents coming out of the arrest name Birdman and Young Thug as two of the people who may have been involved.

Read the full, confusing and far-too-wordy documents here if you want, but basically what officials are saying is that Peewee called Young Thug right before he went and shot up the bus — and then called Birdman right after. Has none of these dudes ever heard of a burner phone? Or just complete silence leading up to and after an attempted murder?

It’s fuckin’ CSI shit guys, watch some TV once in a while!

Regardless, it doesn’t look good for either of them. Luckily for authorities, Young Thug is already behind bars for making terroristic threats to a mall security guard (leave Paul Blart alone!) along with drugs and weapons charges stemming from a raid that stemmed from the threats that stemmed from being an asshole.

But it’s like they say … if you’re about that life …