Meet the Daters:


Hometown: Raleigh, NC.

Age: 31.

Current job: Sales Director.

Zodiac sign: Gemini. 

Favorite color: Purple.

What’s your type? Motivated. Family oriented. Smart. Funny.

Deal breakers: I hate bad teeth. Just brush your teeth and have them all. Clingliness. People who are estranged from their family – I think that’s weird.

Hobbies: Dancing. Watching football, traveling.



Hometown: Detroit, MI.

Age: 41.

Current job: Realtor by day. Bartender by night.

Zodiac sign: Gemini. 

PetR: My roommate is an animal.

What’s your type? Go getters. Enjoys the outdoors. Caring.

Deal breakers: Sloppy drunks. Drama.

Hobbies: Snowboarding. Working out. Bike riding. 

How single are you: Single as single can be by choice.


The Location:

The Shanty Supper Club

1033 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218


Rooster sets up another hot Blind Date at The Shanty Supper Club, North Capitol Hill’s finest establishment for hardy meals and huge portions at a wholesome midwest price. Will this date be lucky charmed or a string of short and terrifying nights that have too many sequels?  We have no idea! Let’s find out together…



What do you like to do for fun? 

RACHEL: I go to dance classes, I’ve danced my whole life – I like to swing dance. Hiking. White water rafting in the Summer. Yoga. Going to concerts – Red Rocks is my favorite Colorado music venue.

BEN: I like to hike, ride my bike, snowboard, and listen to music. 


Who are some of your favorite music acts?

R: Led Zeppelin, all day everyday. Phish. Moe. Talking Heads.

B: The Roots. Bassnectar. I listen to a lot of shitty EDM. Bad 90’s techno. Old hip-hop.


When was your last serious relationship?

R: Not that long ago, we broke up last November. We were together for two years.

B: Two years ago.  


What happened?

R: He was a 36 year old man who didn’t know what he wanted or how to get it. I was tired of waiting around.  

B: She left me! She took the house and ran!  


How do you usually meet singles?

R: At live music shows, that’s where I meet people, typically. 

B: Bartending at Local 46.


Ever try your luck on dating apps?

R: No, I’ve done Tinder from time to time and have gone on group dates with friends just for fun – lots of creeps there. 

B: Negative, not one, I’m old school.  


Have you been on a blind date before?

R: Never in my life. I got totally tricked. One of my coworkers asked me a bunch of questions about the kind of man I’d like to date – shoutout to Amy for nominating me.

B: Being close to the mountains. The nightlife.


Rachel and Ben enjoy a delectable assortment of menu items and more conversation filled with bright smiles. Hold the slow-roasted pot roast, is that marijuana we smell… 



We noticed you two stepped outside and smoked a blunt, how’d that go?

R: That’s never happened on a first date but it was fine, I think he was trying find something in common with me, perhaps.

B: I rolled a blunt before I left my house. I’m not drinking and I’ve never been on a date and not had a drink so I wanted to be prepared. When I found out she worked for an edible company I asked if she wanted to smoke, it went well.


What are you two talking about?

R: Conversation has been great. We both love the mountains, we’ve talked about skiing a lot. He seems to be a very kind person, he has really good friends.

B: A lot, family, the outdoors, her job.


What’s most appealing about your date?

R: very loquacious, that was nice, really open, he told me a lot about his life. Some men don’t do that ever, so that was good. He bought a new shit to go on the date, that was cute. 

B: She was a great listener. She opened up and was easy to talk to, it was great she didn’t mind I wasn’t drinking. She’s a lot of fun.

On a scale of 1-10 how is the romantic chemistry?

R: Umm, like a 3 or 4. He’s not someone I’d date but maybe a friend.     

B: 6 or 7 but I think it’s more of a friends kind of vibe.


How was dinner? 

R: It was good, my favorite was the Reuben sliders – oh my God, texture and flavor; there was like a brown sugar crust on the pastrami it was delicious, crispy onions, *moans* it was delicious.

B: Great food. Appetizers were good, I like the salmon we ordered.


Is The Shanty a good date spot?

R: Totally, I like it because its quiet, you can hear each other. They have a great drink selection for cheap – I ordered a Tom Collins, it was good.  

B: Yeah, it’s nice in here. The food is really good. I like it, I’d come back.



Rooster downs shots of locally crafted booze that doesn’t pay for advertising so they shall go unnamed (for now) then bid farewell to our handsome couple. We catch up with the daters the next day to see if they spiced things up and had the luck of the horny Irish on their side – to the conclusion questions! 



What happened after Rooster left The Shanty Supper Club?

R: We stayed until 10:00 p.m.; we were both shocked how late it was on a weeknight. We didn’t get to any games because we were taking so much. 

B: Nothing really, we finished up eating, hung out then I jetted. I was at a 6 am meeting this morning.


Was there a goodbye kiss?

R:There was no kissing, I gave him a hug when we left.

B: No goodbye kiss, just a goodbye hug. I was happy with the hug.   


How about a second date?

R: I wouldn’t be up for that, he’s a nice guy but not someone I’d consider dating. 

B: I’d be open to a 2nd date, not sure if she would be but we had a great time and great conversation. 


Overall, how was the night?

R: Great experience, it was very fun. 

B: My first real date in a decade so I was nervous. She said she was a little nervous at first too but it turned out great. 


Any advice for future Rooster Blind Daters?

R: Come with an open mind. You just never know what could happen. Life is crazy that way. 

B: Don’t go on a blind date if you haven’t had a dinner date in 10 years. 


What’s next?

R: I’m really excited I’m headed to telluride, that will be fun to ski there. I’m excited to grow with my company. 

B: Buckling down this summer to work on myself and my real estate goals. 




Friendships are relationships, right? Correct! Let’s toast with our favorite Irish beers to the slight chance Rachel and Ben are at the beginning of a mediocre friendship! Until next time Rooster lovers, keep putting heads of beer in your mouth and rubbing your pots of gold, the real thing is out there…drunk and throwing up corned beef.  

-Alex Miros