Each month, we set two daters up at a restaurant, give them free food and drinks, then wait for the magic to happen. This month, we set Berkely and Reno up for a special night at Eureka restaurant. 

Meet The Daters

photo - Berkley from Boulder - Rooster Blind Date


Hometown: Boulder, Colo.

Current job: Owner of Illuminate Berkley Co., and I’m a Cycle Instructor

Favorite Color: Yellow.

What is your zodiac sign? Pisces.

Last relationship: I met him while was traveling abroad in Italy – extended my stay a month. Later moved there, then only stayed in Italy for a month and a half. It’s better to live in America and travel to other places.

Pets? No pets.

What’s your type?  I like guys who are outdoorsy, athletic and have a career — tall, smart, open-minded, and funny.

How about your ex? I met him while was traveling abroad in Italy -— extended my stay a month. Later moved there, then only stayed in Italy for a month and a half. It’s better to live in America and travel to other places.

First concert? Jessica Simpson, my mom took me. The first concert I went to by myself was Kanye West.

Photo - Reno - Rooster Magazine Blind Date


Hometown: Burlington, Iowa.

Current job: Whole Foods Produce.

Favorite Color:  Green.  

Pets? Leopard Gecko named Nugget.

What is your zodiac sign? Cancer.

What’s your type? Brown hair, brown eyes, funny, sweet, down-to-earth.

Dealbreakers:  Cigarette smokers. Girls with a lot of tattoos.

How about your ex? She cheated on me. I was betrayed by my best friend.

First Concert: Flaming Lips on the 4th of July.

photo - Eureka! restaurant in Boulder, Co - Rooster Magazine Blind Date

Location: Eureka!

graphic - round 1 - Rooster Magazine

Reno texts that he has arrived and asks us to meet him in the lobby, he has a rose in hand. We’re excited and slightly turned on, but quickly realize the rose is for his date — and we suddenly feel like rejected Bachelor contestants. Berkley arrives soon after, sporting a summer tan and big beautiful smile. She greets Reno and our darling daters are escorted to their table. They quickly order drinks and guzzle through the awkward meet and greet portion of the date. After a few cocktails, the daters are separated so we can find out more about them …


Describe your dating life in three words.

BERKLEY: Pretty. Dang. Slow.

RENO: Trial! And! Error!  


Where do you usually meet potential partners?

B: Mutual friends and bars — just downloaded Hinge. Hinge is confusing, takes a lot of time.

R: Every place there’s a Boulder activity. I’m a Boulderite. I’m out all the time. Berkley is from Boulder which is TIGHT! I’m so psyched about this town after living here for 7 years —  I love living here, beats Iowa!

photo - Eureka! restaurant - Boulder Co

What’s your pickup strategy?

B: I left my number for my server who I thought was hot, we dated, it was toxic and messy.

R: When I’m out skateboarding and I see a cute girl I’ll say ‘hi.’


Have you been on a blind date before?

B: No, blind dates don’t happen anymore because people have dating apps.  

R: No.


What were you thinking before your Rooster Blind Date?

B: I was afraid he was going to be 20+ years older than me. Having no info about him was frightening.  

R: I’m nervous. I know it’s going to be a good time. I wanted to go out and meet someone new, have some drinks and good food.


How would your best friends describe you?

B: Honest. Spontaneous. I would do anything for someone I care about.  

R: Super fuckin’ funny. I’m funny as fuck.


Did these friends give you blind date advice?

B: They told me not to wear overalls, I wear them all the time, and to take a shot.

R: A coworker told me to bring her a rose; so I did.

graphic - round 2

After more food, more drinks, and few more times the chorus from Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” plays in our head, it’s time to dive deeper into this Blind Date and find out if they’re going to swap more than just niceties with each other. 

First impressions of your date?

B: He seems nice, he’s tall. He has an interesting name, we both have names of cities.

R: She seems chill. Nice.  


How did the rose go over?

B: I thought it was a very sweet gesture, it was surprising.    

R: I thought the rose would be a way to break this ice and say ‘Let’s do this! Let’s have fun!’  

photo - Burger from Eureka! restaurant  Boulder, CO - Rooster Blind Date  

What are you two talking about?

B: A variety of things, he’s really into Bassnectar. He told me he plays the piano to feel better. His ideal world is to be smoking weed all the time — medical marijuana has been his savior.  

R: I think we both are nervous, good conversation. Pretty cool being on the same level. So far pretty cool. 


Is Eureka! a great date spot?

B: Totally, the margarita was actually so good. The bartender told me the secret was lime juice and agave. 

R: Yeah, I’ve never been here before. I think I ordered the Sour & Juicy. It was good! Sour beers all day! 


Looking forward to spending more time with your date?

B: He’s really nice … he’s pretty drunk. 

R: Yeah, pretty cool being on the same level. So far pretty cool.


Note: At this point in the questioning, Berkley notices her boss, Emma, who nominated her for the Rooster Blind Date (by emailing contact@therooster.com) cautiously approaching our table. 

Berkley explains to Emma her date with Reno isn’t going well — Emma asks if one of the moderators is single, and promptly invites Berkley and him to go out on a date. Flattered (and single), our host’s professionalism and journalistic integrity gets in the way. Politely, we keep things moving and then promptly fire him for being too attractive.

photo - graphic 3

Nerves, alcohol, and a cheating ex-girlfriend, what could go wrong?


How was dinner?

B: Amazing. The jalapeno egg burger was great so were the sweet potato fries. The Brussels sprouts tasted like the orange chicken from Panda Express in the best way!

R: The bacon burgernator [not what it’s called on the menu] was super good, a lot of meat.


How is the romantic chemistry?

B: None. He’s intoxicated.

R: We are not into each other, both cool but into different things.


Can we assume a second date won’t be happening?

B: I don’t think we will spend more time together. He had a hard time making eye contact. I had to have a talk with Reno about it.

R: … the shot of tequila I just did is kicking in.

photo - shots at Eureka! in Boulder

Would you be up to at least smoking a joint together?

B: Sure.

R: Fuck yeah! I’d smoke a joint with my mom. I’d smoke a joint with anyone that breathes air. Marijuana is tight.


Any weird dating stories you’d like to share?

B: On my birthday, I bought bottle service at the club then I went and got a tattoo with a guy. 

R: Man, I know I have a bunch but can’t think of one on the spot.


What happened after Rooster left?

B: He asked me to go play pool I said I had to go and we could be friends, he gave me his number and I left.

R: We said goodbye, we said it was nice to meet each other.


Overall, how was the night?

B: It was uncomfortable, but an experience. He was pretty intoxicated, he was so awkward about it. It started spiraling out of control for him.

R: It was fun. I’m glad I did it. It’s probably something I wouldn’t have a chance to again, so I’m glad I stepped up and did it. The food was good, she is really pretty.

photo - Blind Date - Rooster Magazine


We promise this wasn’t sponsored content for Hinge, but it should have been. Hinge, if you’re reading this, please contact Rooster and help us find Blind Date chemistry. Clearly, we need a hand finding daters who are over the games and are ready to go on great dates. If you know someone at Hinge, would like to nominate a friend, or if you’re an emotionally mature single ready for your very own Blind Date, let us know! Until next time, pace yourself and date responsibility.