You don't have time to measure out the portions for your bloody marys, let this glass do it for you. 

It's Saturday morning and invariably you're going to want a bloody mary to wash away that sour taste of stale alcohol in your mouth and a stiff drink to subdue the pounding headache cracking through your frontal lobes. You don't have time to sit down and measure out each step of the cocktail, you're better than that. Nor do you want the Mongolian Barbeque catastrophe where you mix random quantities of the ingredients and end up sucking a disgusting amalgamation of tomato, pepper and Worcestershire sauce through a straw.

But let's be frank, we're all classy individuals here and we prefer a quality tasting drink with the perfect combination of mixers and vegetables. Attorney Alison Thomas figured as much while also understanding that most bloody mary drinkers couldn't make one correctly even if their life depended on it. So she painted the ingredient portions on the side of the glass, geniusely opening a brand new world for all of us dehydrated, impatient, morning social drinkers. The result is amazing. And at $25 a set, you can skip out on buying a round for your friends the night before and lavish in the morning greatness of perfection. [PURCHASE]

And if you're unsure of how to make a margarita, she made one for that delicious cocktail as well.