Wrestler turned ex-polician turned weed advocate Jesse Ventura is pissed …

Jesse "The Body" Ventura is a polarizing figure. From his stint in professional wrestling (complete with pink boa and a tag-team partnership with "Macho Man" Randy Savage) to his time as Governor of Minnesota, Ventura has never shied away from saying exactly what's on his mind at the exact time his neural synapses make it so. Because of that, it's not surprising he had something to get off his chest recently when the White House alluded to an increase in enforcement of federal marijuana laws.

In an op-ed commentary for CNBC, Ventura digs in to what he believes is an unfair position by Trump and his pathetically inept little minions. By reversing state laws regarding marijuana, he says, it's not only "wrong and unethical" but also unconstitutional. 

"People promise all kinds of things when they run for office," he says. "President Obama vowed to close Gitmo. President HW Bush said 'read my lips, no more taxes.' So I gave President Trump a chance. But his plans to have the DEA come into states like Colorado where marijuana is legal and tell legal recreational marijuana users that they are breaking federal law and therefore must be prosecuted? Not on my watch."

He's also going to be sending the president a copy of his book "Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto," in hopes an already slammed administration will take the time to read something other than a Twitter feed. In it, Ventura pulls from myriad sources (most notably the National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine) to explain the opioid crisis in America — one White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wrongly claims happens because of weed.

"If President Trump has his way, get ready," Ventura adds. "The corporations that run private prisons will be thriving. If more people are exercising their right to weed more frequently than their right to alcohol, then that's a lot of folks to put behind bars."

Which, fine, great — but is anyone else at all worried how much wrestling has embedded itself into American politics?

The world's gone mad …

[Cover Photo: Brendan Smailowski/Getty Images]