This is the kind of brilliance the world's foundation is built upon!

Well, why the hell wouldn’t you build your own multi-propeller powered contraption to mess around with in the park? That's te kind of idea this entire world's structure is built on — men and women bored out of their minds with nothing better to do than solder and weld things together until history is made. We never know, this garage-genius might in fact have a brilliant idea on his hands …

But while this ceases to be a “drone” as soon as a human jumps aboard, the idea of an easy to buy/manufacture flying craft seems to be right up a consumer’s alley. No doubt something like this is probably illegal (in the US at least), especially if they can ever get it above the 8-10 feet it reportedly goes (although it would seem more if he just gunned it).

Whatever, it’s funny. Take out of it what you will.