Finally: a chance to put "adorable" and "police stand-off" in the same title …

The last few dozen times we're seen any "leaked police footage" or anything from a cop's body-cam, we've wanted to leave the planet. It's been grim, but the crack team at the Boulder County police department are a light in an otherwise dark situation. 

Deputy Sophie Berman came across the cute little bastard on a dirt road on Tuesday as Berman was patrolling near a campground west of Boulder.

"And when I'm finished, it's gonna be a blood bath."

Look at that face. You can almost hear the N.W.A. pumping through his head. 

Plus, they got it on tape. This is the best body-cam footage we've ever see from a police force:

I guess we can go back to the horrifying kind of police footage now, but that was a lovely change of pace.