But will it even happen?

They're the outspoken mob of fans everyone loves to hate, and next year, their annual soirée plans to invade Colorado. 

Whoop, whoop!

It's called The Gathering of the Juggalos, and it's been ongoing for 16 straight years. But unlike most popular festivals that find a venue and stick with it, The Gathering has had to wander from open space areas in Michigan to Illinois, lately settling on a private ranch in Ohio because it had been denied permits in Missouri two years ago.

Sound familiar?

The controversial weekend boasts thousands in attendance and brings out myriad sideshows for entertainment including character wrestling, beauty contests, legitimate wedding receptions and some of the biggest names in music amongst the long-standing crew of socially casted individuals like Flosstradamus, Hopsin, Asking Alexandria and many more.

At it's core, it's pretty harmless. But damn if it doesn't provide media outlets with contentious material.

The announcement was made by Insane Clown Posse's Violent J during a recent seminar at the end of this year's festival. As of yet, there's no official venue or city confirmed, but the group says they want to take it to the mountains, where you can easily "buy an ounce of weed like it's a bag of chips." 

"It's going to be fucking epic," Violent J continued. "In the fucking mountains, y'all!"

Looking at the implications of an event like this coming to Colorado, we're not so sure it'll even happen, though. It's going to be a tough battle for the promoters to even find a city willing to host an event like this. Call it like it is: The Juggalos will be stereotyped and discriminated against — and nobody in this state will bother standing up for them. It's been this way for over two decades, why would it ever change?

Though, the state has always boasted a huge Juggalo population, along with fans of bands its affiliated with like Tech N9ne. Axe Murder Boyz are even from Denver. So, who knows?

This is all speculation, of course. But given the group is still unfairly labeled a "loosely organized hybrid gang" by the FBI's National Gang Intelligence Center (ICP won an appeal against the designation last year — the case is still ongoing) and general sentiment anywhere is that Juggalos have no place in this world other than at the butt-end of jokes, it's apparent what little support they'll get in cities around Colorado (or anywhere else, for that matter). 

Consider for a moment if this same thing happened to the Beyhive, or Directioners, or whatever … shit would hit the fan. 

There's still an entire year's worth of planning until the next event, though — a lot can happen between then and now. Even if you're not down with the clown, remember, these are people looking for a weekend getaway with like minded individuals just like anyone else. Think about that the next time you're out catching invisible monsters on your phone for no reason or squeezing into uncomfortable jeans because it's popular. 

We're not so different after all.