Get a job, you bum. And get one in the coolest industry there is. 

We know weed is your life. Why not get paid for your passion of its dankness? Since its legalization, weed has created more than 10,000 jobs for the state, ranging from budtenders, trimmers, growers, and so much more. People wanting to work within the weed biz usually come from backgrounds of horticulture, agriculture, pharmacy and other related fields.

So for all you proactive stoners considering turning your love of cannabis into a career, here are some jobs that could kickstart your dream:

Edibles Creator

If you make it, they will eat it.

An Edible Creator is a person who infuses marijuana into tasty treats. Think about 5 of the most creative edibles out there. Now multiply that by twenty. Granola bars, candy, soda, coffee, lasagna … the list goes on. The creds you need for getting this job can involve anything from dishwasher to professional culinary expertise. Pastry chefs, bakers, cooks, and chefs are all considered for the position. Salaries range from $28,000 to $40,000/yr for those with adequate experience, and average about $10/hr for kitchen assistants and packagers. If you love to cook and know the ins and outs of green, this is for you.

Concentrates Processor

How to dab it up.

Concentrates processor are exactly as the name suggests. This is where hash oils, dabs, shatter, and other oil-based ganja is made. The job can get pretty dangerous due to heat, chemicals and the possibility of losing a couple layers of skin, but to make up for it, the average salary for a concentrates processor is between $20,000 and $40,000/yr. Part time jobs for this field are hard to find, though, due to the necessary requirements of at least 5 years working within a “cannabinoid extraction or compound-specific laboratory,” which is kind of ridiculous, because weed has barely been legal that long. However, if you’ve got some chemistry background and know your way around a lab, this is the job to check out.

Courier and Delivery

Weed to go.

If you’ve got wheels and don’t mind a few seedy characters you might deliver to, becoming a weed courier could be a dream job. Just like any delivery job, weed couriers deliver weed right to your door. Didn’t know this existed? Well it does and it’s awesome. The marijuana courier biz is rising in popularity, and what better way to break into the industry than cycling around with some Blueberry Headband chilling in your pack? You can earn up to $25/hr whizzing through traffic, delivering dime bags to lazy potheads. Drop off that last pizza delivery and become a weed courier today!


Becoming a cannabis critic.

If you’re smart, understand a lot about weed and got them words, becoming a marijuana reviewer could be right up your alley. Every industry needs a critic and the marijuana biz is no exception. There are tons of different strains that must be consumed, experienced and reviewed. Experience in writing and/or journalism comes in handy with this position. You’ve got to know basically everything about devil’s lettuce — the strains, benefits, genetics, terminology, history, geography, everything! Usually, this is a freelance gig, and like all freelance positions, the pay is next to nothing. However, if you pride yourself on being a cannabis connoisseur, you should definitely look into becoming a reviewer.


Cutting greens, counting dough.

For those of you who know what marijuana looks like straight from the ground, it isn’t the perfectly dried up golden nug you buy in a dispensary. It’s a weed (ha, get it?) and like any plant, it’s leafy and fragile. Trimming is a tedious job. It's an art form that can take loads of time to perfect. Trimming involves detaching the buds from the plant and cutting off the larger leaves so it looks more like that beautiful store-bought nug. Like any other weed-related job, you must have former knowledge of marijuana anatomy and strains. You can potentially earn up to $30/hr depending on your experience. If you want to learn more about how the marijuana industry works form the inside out, this could be the perfect way to get your foot in the door.


Manning the bar.

Budtenders are the most popular positions within the cannabis industry. As most of you know, after you walk into a dispensary and check in with the front desk, you are taken back where there are various people working behind the counter to help you with all your weed needs. These are the budtenders, or more likely welcomed as your own personal weed fairy. Experience for becoming a budtender include customer service and, you guessed it, major knowledge about everything green, from strains and concentrates to edibles and glass. The pay is pretty average, ranging from $10 to $15 an hour, not including tips. And if you’re extremely personable and annoyingly knowledgeable, you could bank on tips alone. Check out this job if you’re fed up with the college drunks yelling “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!”