All the latest developments about what to know and how to know it!

Colorado residents, have you looked outside in the past 12 hours? It's snowing! By god, it feels like just yesterday it was 80 degrees and we were getting ready to toss winter's wardrobe to the back of the closet. Nope, not in Colorful Colorado — winter isn't even close to being done yet.

We're here to bring you the latest developments of what's going on outside. Here to deliver on that promise, below are 9 incredible facts about the weather outside. You might actually believe numbers 3 through 7!

1. It’s cold

Snow crystals' shapes of connecting together depend on temperature. Higher temperatures (but still below freezing), often create larger, heavier snowflakes. Colder temps make smaller ones.

2. It’s outside

Fact #2 is fascinating. Because most of us have been afforded the luxury of having a home, the snow is now considered to be "outside," rather than "inside." If you’ve been mercilessly denied the basic right to a safe place during inclement weather, we’re sorry, stay the hell away from Boulder. They're dicks.

3. People are going to drive like shit

It’s not science, but it very well should be. No matter if it’s 12 inches or 1.2, people in Colorado will invariably drive like an armless spittoon. These 11 types of drivers you’ll encounter in the snow should help you figure out what kind of stupid you’re dealing with today.

4. It’s white

Nothing racial about it, due to its makeup of ice crystals and air pockets, snow actually reflects all of the colors, giving it a white appearance. Related: Yellow snow reflects pee.

5. It’s frozen

It’s frozen because it’s cold. We’re really learning a lot today!

6. It’s an excuse to call out of work

Fuck your boss. There aren’t any laws demanding that people should be incapacitated on their deathbeds to get some time off of work. It’s called a personal day and you deserve every last hour of it. Besides, it’s Friday — go get a big-ass Slurpee.

7. It will kill dogs and plants

Don’t be a monster, bring your roommates inside. Unless you want them dead, then yes, you are a monster. Have fun with that.

8. That “No two snowflakes are ever alike” thing is horseshit

In the late-'80s, some whack-job scientists in Wisconsin actually found two snowflakes that were completely alike. Next time your wannabe rapper of a cousin posts some ridiculous meme on Facebook about challenging life’s obstacles with dreams or whatever, give him this link. Ruin his stupid day.

9. It’s snowing outside right now

Depending on where you live and when you’re reading this post, of course, the last and easily most interesting fact about the snow outside is that it's coming down right now. 

Neat stuff …

photo: Jake Padilla / CBS Local