Finally, a world record we can take part in.

Since global warming is turning Colorado into a tropical destination and El Niño is amounting to nothing more than a nickname we dub ourselves after too much tequila, ski resorts are finding other uses for their valuable ski equipment … like taking shots off of them.   

Tomorrow (1/14), the city of Breckenridge will attempt to set the world record for the longest shot-ski by amassing some 900 people to hoist the gargantuan assortment of old skis to their mouth holes so they can toss back the delicious nectar of the mountain gods provided by Breckenridge Distillery. The event celebrates the annual Ullr Festival on Main Street, and aims to crush the current world record set with a measly 666 people using a shot-ski made out of 219 skis and stretching some 973 feet long. 

Of course, we have no choice but to lend our expertise in both shots and skis, so we’ll be heading up to take part in history. If you’d like to make yourself semi-famous with us, and get your drink on, registration begins Thursday, Jan 14 at 12:00 pm at the Riverwalk Center. This should be one for the books … record books that is.