After a solid rip, this ultra-toasty and long-lasting indica can sure make your head hot.

Bred by 14er in Boulder, Colorado, this exclusive cultivar has been in constant rotation for good reason. The high is best described as cozy. Like a warm, heavy blanket for your noggin. The limbs tend to loosen, the eyelids get heavy and any noise in your head quiets down to a hush. Durrraflame is a cross between Fire OG and Lucky Charms, so it’s got a kushy and slightly sweet profile with hints of smoky campfire and vanilla. This hardy smoke is best saved for evening use, or whenever you’re taking the proverbial “log off the fire”. It’s also perfect for snow days, melting into the couch, post-workouts, or for entering hibernation mode. Simply put, if you’re looking for a unique indica with a snuggly stone, Durrraflame is an easy one to warm up to.


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Photo by @garrettcreamer