Each month we try our hardest to not pay any attention to trends. Yet each month, here we are, trying to figure out just what the Bezos is going on in this world. …

1. Halloween
But … but Rooster, it’s only September! Quiet down … prude. Look around you, Spirit Halloween stores began popping up weeks ago and as you may have noticed, grocery stores and every other sundries market roll in the candy months before the hallowed event. This is our life now, embrace it. Or don’t, whatever. Prude.
2. Smart Mushrooms

Psychedelics are currently in a resurrection version 2.0; microdosing LSD is running Silicon Valley; MDMA is curing vets of debilitating mental illnesses; ketamine is walloping depression. *breathe*  However, mushrooms (both legal and not) seem to be leading the way. You’ll soon see Lion’s Mane (legal) much more prominent for its brain-boosting qualities, and definitely shrooms (not legal), up for legalization efforts in many parts of the country within months.
3. CannaMeds

It’s safe to say cannabis is worldwide, too. Used as medicine, both THC and CBD are being hailed for their help in everything from Alzheimer’s (check out how cannabis removes toxic proteins and protects patients) to making pretty blonde girls’ Instagrams seem edgy. Hell, even the UK recently unpuckered its butt enough to allow CBD medicine help kids with seizures.
4. e-Censorship

Alex Jones is a real piece of shit. Whether or not he deserves a voice will always be up for debate, but as far as most of the social media giants go — he’s been banned. This is likely the first step in an exhausting marathon of who can say what and when. And no, his First Amendment rights aren’t being violated. But if you knew that, you wouldn’t be listening to Alex Jones in the first place.
5. “Slay”

K, this particular brand of culture is about done don’t’cha think? Here’s a great way to tell if something has run its course: Is it A) being used by a mid-life nighttime news reporter or B) appearing on any brand of clothing at Target? Then yes, the trend is dead. Slay, go join "fleek" and "queen" in the corner with the rest of the hashtag trash.
6. Accolades

The Grammys are rigged. Billboard’s charts mean nothing. Drake’s streaming numbers are a complete fabrication meant to control the masses. This we already know. So why do industries continue to shove this shit down our throats? Awards and accolades are meant for those who need thin validation of their efforts. Be different, break convention. Make them a thing of the past.
7. Plastics

Here is our official hat-toss into the ultra-crunchy, hippy-dippy notion of getting rid of plastics as much as we humanly can. Because you know what, we know better now. Sure, places like Starbucks and McDonald’s are making strides to get rid of straws, but that’s not enough. Do yourself a favor and make an effort to cut the habit — you’ll soon see it’s not that bad forgoing convenience for ethics.