The Japanese love it … but we're not sure that's a good thing …

It's no hidden fact American’s have a fetish for odd food. We already told you about some food-abominations that chains like Pizza Hut have cooked up in the past — but this one takes the disgusting food trophy. It’s even freakier than those new rainbow-colored Doritos …

Now our jeans will be covered in five different shades of smeared cheese powder

If you have a pulse, or taste buds not overshadowed by your self righteous veganism, then you probably enjoy sinking your teeth into a juicy, heart-clogging burger every now and then.

But have you ever been unsatisfied with the hue of your bun and cheese? Have you thought that your bun should be darker than Trump’s soul, or your cheese blacker than the window-tint of a fancy limousine? If you answered yes, then rejoice, because Burger King may be answering your prayers.

It's really hard to ruin a company when the best thing it has going for it is Chicken Fries, but Burger King believes these thick, dark, juicy buns are exactly what the American people need to live.

No, not these. We're still talking about burgers, right?

These …

After all, these burgers are a hit in Japan. The Japanese versions even come served with a delicious helping of squid-ink sauce and cheese blacker than Kim's gloves in that last picture — YUM! It's not too surprising the Japanese enjoy these burgers, after all, they are the country that gave us Hentai.

You don't want to know what that octopus is about to do

The black tint of the buns and cheese is achieved through adding bamboo charcoal and is described by experts as having a "Peppery" taste. Apparently, the burgers were doing so well in Japan that Burger King thought it was time to unveil their creation for the American public, right in time for Halloween.

Although the American version doesn’t have black cheese or squid-ink sauce, we're still eager to see how these burgers are received by the public. The burger is rumored to be making its American debut sometime next month. Which sounds like a delicious surprise to hand out to all your neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters. Way better than the "fun-sized" bullshit people have been giving out lately. Seriously people, don't be cheap — buy some real candy bars.

Open, wide bitches