We’ve been waiting for a time when we could turn the radio on again and enjoy the tunes spewing forth. It’s been hard for us the last couple of years because, well, we just couldn’t get away from that Americana or folk insanity that suffocated the airwaves. Every station we turned to seemed to be on the same format. It was an adult contemporary nightmare that we just couldn’t wake up from. Even local bands were following suit because it was the easy way to bandwagon upwards. It was so very depressing and so very, very disappointing.

That’s why when we featured Colorado locals In The Whale late last year, we mentioned how elevated we were about some balls coming back into the mix. Some grit. Some pew pew stinky madness that evokes emotions not attached to sulking and self-deprecation. Their classic rock foundation amidst throaty and impulsive power is a style that continues to pull back nails while climbing back to the top of listener’s tastes. This shift in local preferences may very well be the bearing we all need to watch for the next capable trend.

The new EP from In The Whale titled “Nate” embodies all that is rock and even a little more. It’s a quick and succinct four-banger that’s in compliment to their “Eric” EP released last December. It’s fast, it’s loud and it gets the ticker beating faster than idle. It also comes at a perfect time when we’re all thinking about dropping extra pounds and making promises of “totally going to run around the block after-work.” It’s the type of album needed to catalyze some core-building, handle-dropping aerobic movement.

Even if you just get up to turn the album down – or off – it’s still one step closer to that body you’ve always wanted. Baby steps, everyone, baby steps.

And as with all things creative, some formats just don’t translate the artistry accordingly. This is the case with In The Whale. The released albums are a guide to the whole package that is the Nate and Eric show. The two have managed to do what they do for as long as they have because people have witnessed first hand their performance and the energy it brings to any venue. There are only two people on stage; so it’s no easy feat to bring as much to the stage as they do. But it’s done, and it’s something to be admired.

Go stare at them while they play music at the “Nate” album release shows. There’s plenty of opportunity to do so before they go on a Midwest tour next month. Tickets and show information can be found at the provided links.

See how easy we’re making this for everyone? Baby steps.

Friday, March 28 – Winter Park, CO – Ullr’s Tavern w/ The Yawpers
Monday, March 31 – Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theater and Club w/ Guttermouth
Tuesday, April 1 – Greeley, CO – Moxi Theatre w/ Guttermouth
Friday, April 4 – Denver, CO – The HiDive w/ Residual Kid
Saturday, April 5 – Denver, CO – The HiDive w/ Residual Kid
Friday, April 25 – Ft. Collins, CO – Aggie Theater (FoCoMX)