Where there's a will, there's a way… or more suitably, if you get high enough, anything appears possible. And in Seattle, Washington, Wilbur's about to get a dose of marijuana edible along with his tasty grain.

William Von Schneidau's BB ranch butcher shop in The Pike's Place market stumbled upon the brilliant idea of teaming with Bucking Boar Farms to create the highest quality meat using what he calls "pot pigs."

Marijuana stems, seeds and leaves, when added to a pig's diet, provide extra fiber for the digestive track which translates into a more savory piece of pork. In typical pothead fashion, Von Schneidau didn't want to let any part of the plant go to waste. He contacted a local marijuana co-op ( marijuana voters passed pot legalization last fall) to take the stems, seeds and trimmings.

Results of adding weed to the feed have yet to be determined but Von Schneidau believes a blind taste test will prove his point. 

Our question: does little Wilbur get stoned?

Matt McAlman of Top Shelf, the marijuana co-op, says the stems and leaves added to the feed have a higher cannabinoid content than the flower of the plant, so these little piggies are probably pretty darn happy.

So there you have it marijuana enthusiasts, happy pigs and savory meat are just another reason marijuana should be legal. Now, get back to canvassing.