Finally! We're tired of people hatin' on our pictures of our asses … 

In today's competitive dating market, one bad self-taken photo of your ass could mean the difference between landing the one night stand of your dreams and being alone for a few minutes. 

We totally understand. And taking a picture of your backside is kinda hard to pull off. It's completely on the wrong side of your body, and since no sane person will take pictures of your ass for you, it's gonna have to be a one-man job. 

But thanks to the Internet, you're gonna be lookin' hot. If you buy a pair of shorts from Celestial Bodies, you'll get a free guide showing you how to make that money-maker look its best. Or you could just skip buying them and figure out how to look good right here. 

Finally! We're gonna be so hot. And if you're interested in the lovely, terrifyingly beautiful woman posing, her name is Celeste Bonin, and she used to work for the WWE.

She's hot, but in a "I could crush you, puny human" kind of way. Which is the right way to be hot.