It looks as though the red-headed stepchild of North America is at it again, trying to venture out on their own without adult supervision. Only days after announcing they would stop the circulation of the Canadian penny, Canada made another shocking announcement that it would start producing glow-in-the-dark coins featuring Queen Elizabeth on one side and a dinosaur on the other. While the Queen doesn't glow, the dinosaur lights up faster than Justin Bieber at a Avril Lavigne concert. 

Why a dinosaur? Because the 26-foot Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai dinosaur was discovered in Canada in 1972. Why glow-in-the-dark? Because Canadians are scared of the dark. 

For all coin-collectors out there, you're in luck, you don't have to be in Canada to collect the coin. You can actually purchase it directly from the Royal Canadian Mint for an whopping $30, more than 120 times its actual value.

But you better be quick, according to the Toronto Star,

One reason to pick up the collectible coin is that the future of Canadian small change itself may be in doubt. In another bit of interesting news, the mint announced on Wednesday its plans to unveil a digital currency card. The MintChip will eventually let Canadians make direct cash transactions with each other using smartphones, USB flash drives, Web browsers, tablets and cloud computing.

Oh Canada, if the Biebes and Blackberry weren't already a joke, you had to go and produce a glow-in-the-dark coin.