A man from British Columbia was arrested shortly after he opened what the police are calling an “illicit drug dispensary.”

Shit name, right? We’ve always called our drug dealers' places of business things like “The plug’s house,” and “Walgreens.”

Jerry Martin, 51, went viral after he attempted to sell a variety of substances out of a mobile trailer in a downtown
Vancouver neighborhood.

Martin explained that he had lost his brother to an overdose, and intended to open his shop after British Columbia decriminalized the possession of small quantities of drugs.

Martin had some pretty stellar prices from what we could tell, too. He was offering a gram of cocaine for $90 or 2.5 grams of crack cocaine for $250 (though if you can afford that much crack, financially we’d urge you to make your own) in addition to offering heroin, meth and MDMA.

So, in an age of rapid inflation and worldwide destabilization, take heart knowing that there are people like Jerry Martin truly doing their community a service.