Chilling under the sun while enjoying cannabis sounds like tailor-made combination. You could choose Amsterdam of course but the weather over there sucks – why don’t you choose another warmer location? Below are some options to make this idea come to life.

Tourists troop in from all over the globe to enjoy the tropical sun on the beautiful beaches of this island, swim in bioluminescent bays as well as have a feel of Rastafarian culture. Tourists want to feel free to get high on the beaches of laid-back Jamaica. Jamaica recently passed a bill legalizing as much as 2 ounces of cannabis, 2015 was especially a significant year for cannabis on the island of Jamaica as a result of the amendment of the Dangerous Drugs Act. This legal modification allowed production of medical marijuana and permitted interested parties to apply for licenses thereby becoming part of the fastest growing industry in the world. Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority has already received many applications for the cultivation, and sale of Cannabis.

So far, Uruguay remains the only country in the world to have fully legalized recreational cannabis. As work goes on with the infrastructure of the proposed dispensary network, natives are cultivating their own plants. And although it is illegal for non-citizens to purchase cannabis, it’s is legal to consume it – even in open places. Montevideo is an artsy city that has a bohemian feeling. Appreciate the city’s art deco architecture, waterfront promenade, sophisticated theaters and colonial homes. Have lunch at one of the numerous local steakhouses. Take a tour of the museums, restaurants, galleries and clubs; you can as well take a bus to the pristine white sand beaches.

Being in possession of as much as 100 grams of cannabis is legalized in the Northern and Australian capital territories of South Australia. There are several beautiful landscapes in South Australia; you’ll find beautiful beaches, wine regions, and nice restaurants. Of course the weather conditions are more than perfect to grow Cannabis. And that's what many people do. So as a Cannabis tourist there is not a lot more that you can ask for from Australia. Just take your time and relax.

For those planning to spend some quality holiday period for relaxing, Cambodia has a lot to offer. However, not only is it beneficial because of the white sandy beaches and the beautiful clear blue water, cannabis can also be added to the mix. While still widely regarded as illegal, cannabis in Cambodia is seen as a non-priority and non-issue by the law enforcement agencies. Cambodia is yet another country where the government has more or less given up on enforcing their laws, promising a trip with numerous pleasing trips. In many restaurants, herbs is included in recipes and  served in pizzas.

Personal possession of as much as 5 grams of cannabis is legalized all over Mexico as of 2009. Tourists to Mexico may experience ancient Mayan ruins, world class museums, hiking trails, caves and cenotes, adventure tours as well as some of the best street food all over the globe. Marijuana tourists can have a feel of all of these while legally possessing a little amount of cannabis for individual use. Beach destinations at the southern end of Mexico are already well-known tourists’ attractions; however, the whole of Mexico has lots more to offer than Sun and Sand.