Normal waking consciousness is but one special type of consciousness. So this is your news on drugs for this week — to help you figure out what type of consciousness is right for you.

1. The law caught El Chapo slipping, and one of the world's top three all-time drug dealers, Joaquin Guzman of the Sinaloa drug cartel, is on trial in New York. Murder, kidnapping, trafficking — the man was prolific (allegedly). It's the highest-profile cartel trial in decades, on account of the fact that bosses tend to get capped before they get captured.

photo - El Chapo's wife

[Guzman's wife, Emma Coronel, from her Instagram. Cover: Joaquin Guzman, the drug lord, after being extradited from Mexico. From Wikicommons.]

2. El Chapo wanted to hug his wife, a former teen beauty queen, in court. A judge hasn't ruled on whether he can. Emma Coronel, 29, has doe eyes, full lips, a belief that her man ain't as bad as they say and has vowed to "follow him anywhere." Love. Sigh.

3. Pot legalization marches on, as Michigan voted for adult-use weed and Missouri and Utah for medical cannabis. Thirty-three states now have legal weed in some form. The states that don't tend to be some of your shit-holier ones. *Cough* *Nebraska* *Cough* 

4. Britain blazes up, as some doctors were allowed this week to prescribe medical cannabis for the first time ever. The medical weed program will be pretty restrictive, though. That tennis elbow that got you a medical card in Colorado won't do jack for you in the U.K. Better get yourself some cancer, son.

5. Now that Canada has cannabis, the whole weed space has a Help Wanted sign hanging off it, as job openings in the legal industry are surging. Cannabis-related job openings on job site have tripled.

6. Our pot-hating top lawyer is out, as Trump chucked Jeff Sessions out the back of his presidential limousine, metaphorically speaking, because the Alabama dwarf wouldn't protect Trump the Troll from the Russia investigations. Sessions said "good people don't smoke marijuana," and probably would have strung up every stoner if he could've. He won't get the chance. Sessions's temporary replacement, Matthew Whitaker, hasn't made his views on drugs or cannabis well-known, but judging from photos of him playing tight end for the Iowa Hawkeyes in 1991 and powerlifting dumbbells the size of mini-fridges, he's built like a dude who eats anabolic steroids as an appetizer. 

7. There was acid on an aircraft carrier, as sailors on the nuclear-powered Navy boat Ronald Reagan are being court-martialed for using and slinging LSD. LSD was the drug that was supposed to stop war. Now more and more military dudes are dosing LSD.

8. Speaking of: how do psychedelics work? No one knows. But brain scans show that psychedelics "turn off" the thinky-thinky, rational, planning parts of the brain, but "turn on" the parts that feel and sense things. In other words, LSD and shrooms help you think less and feel more, these scans show.

9. And … microdosing psychedelics does make folks more creative, says a new study

10. Mac Miller is the latest celebrity who died with fentanyl in his veins, according to a coroner's report obtained by TMZ and US Weekly. He also had cocaine and alcohol when he was found dead in September. Prince and Tom Petty also died from fentanyl. A real modern hex, fentanyl feels like heroin but is more concentrated, short-acting, addictive and pervasive.