You are literally made of drugs. Your body has inside it, right now, the illicit drugs DMT, GHB and morphine. (And possibly — if you live in certain states — THC and CBD.) So here's a roundup of some of the most interesting drug news from last week — so you can find out what you're made of.

1. Dixie cannabis! C. Sativa seems headed toward Rebel territory, as Mitch McConnell, the powerful Senator who was once one of "pot's fiercest and most outspoken critics," a man who once tried to jack up the penalties for possessing marijuana to the same levels as heroin, came out strongly in favor of legalizing hemp production. Hemp is a type of cannabis sativa that won't get you high, and it grows easily in his home state of Kentucky.

2. Cartel victims become speed bumps, as visitors driving around the beach town of Acapulco, Mexico, had to swerve so that they wouldn't run over the cut-up bodies left in the tourist district's streets, as Spring Break fiestas have grown more peligroso than ever. America's drug war is largely to blame.

3. The dark web got darker, as Reddit shut down its darknet forums. These were places where noobs could learn about buying drugs illegally online. It happened because men in suits in Washington passed a law that could make websites responsible for illegal stuff their users do. Darknet drugs are often cleaner and cheaper than street drugs.

4. DMT is fancy now, as a top university has begun studying encounters with DMT and ayahuasca 'entities,' as the drug's strange hallucinations are finally getting academic treatment.

5. No, really, DMT is fancy now, as this same week an academic paper was published looking at old reports of the "entities," and found that they "show their fundamental similarities to conceptions of spirit guides, mythological beings, divinities, extraterrestrials, angels, celestial beings, demons, gnomes, dwarfs, elves, and others."

6. Researching magic mushrooms is expensive, as the main ingredient, psilocybin, bought legally and safely through government channels, was reported to cost 20 times as much as the street version.

7. Are dealers lacing cocaine with fentanyl? Reports continue to come in. This is deadly; snorting a few grains of fent could send you to literal heaven. It also doesn't make sense. Why would a dealer mix an upper like coke with a downer like fent? Why risk killing customers like that? A Denver harm reduction expert told Rooster there's been no fent in the coke in Colorado. A drug expert told Rooster he thinks the danger is being overhyped.

8. Opioids are being treated more like illicit drugs, as the government is thinking about monitoring and limiting opioid prescriptions, but doctors worry that folks who actually need the drugs won't be able to get them.

9. Opioids are costly. Over the past two decades, the opioid crisis may have cost the U.S. economy $700 billion in lost production, as opioid addiction caused a million people to stop working, a study said.

10. The DEA added 250 officers to fight the opioid crisis.

11. Prince was super crunked when he died, as the musician had a crazy amount of fentanyl in his body when he died, a toxicology report showed.

12. Trump's plan to kill opioid drug dealers is probably illegal, but someone figured out how much drugs you'd need to get busted with to quality to get the chair. Three kilos of meth, for example, or a dump truck worth of marijuana, could have you headed toward your Last Meal.

[Cover photo by ryan lange on Unsplash