It's exactly like summer camp for kids except it's for high adults!

Unless you were sent to fat camp or a Mormon cult operating as a saddle ranch as a child, summer camp was probably some of the best times of your waking life. All that nature, the life-lessons, the first kisses, the first pregnancies … sigh.

And, if you're anything like us, you still wish upon a star that you could go back to camp as an adult (again, barring the cult setting).

Well guess what babies, now you can. And! And! And!  You can get high there.

That's because the nation's first-ever marijuana summer camp, CannaCamp, is opening in Colorado this summer.

Billing itself as a "Bud+Breakfast Mountain Resort," the 170-acre adult-only camp will  open July 1 in Durango. Campers won't be given the actual marijuana per se (illegal), but they're free to bring their own and use it freely while at the resort.

There will even be slew of summer camp-like activities guests can take part in like yoga, hiking, arts and crafts, boating, horseshoes and everyone's childhood favorite: marijuana cultivation. All done ostensibly while blazed out of your mind, because there's nothing like making a baked-ass friendship bracelet with a small, yet intimate group of open-minded 40-year-olds with start-ups, Subarus and a number of gifted children.

But … CannaCamp won't be quite as rugged as summer camp was when you were prepubescent:

“We’re bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp — in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment,” Joel Schneider, head of the management group opening CannaCamp, said in a statement.

Rates start at $395 per person per night, with a three-night minimum, so it's a little expensive … but re-living your childhood through a haze of THC ain't exactly cheap. But when you walk away with a macaroni painting you made while you were high enough to confuse the word 'torso' with 'taurus' and a shiny new set of weed-growing skillz makes it worth every penny. Summer plans sorted!

Oh, and if your mind drew any parallels between CannaCamp and the new Wet Hot American Summer TV series, that means you are a smart boy or girl who done good.