The world as we know it is constantly changing. No, we’re not talking about bad delivery drivers and endless rush hour traffic. We’re talking about the way consumer habits are focusing on the net positives of their purchase. They want products that create jobs. They want products that are healthy. They want products that help the planet, not deplete its resources. One industry where these traits in consumer preference are especially true is in the fertilizer industry. And the answer is fish fertilizer. 

Fertilizers have evolved over time to incorporate myriad scientific breakthroughs when in all truth, going back to the roots of what worked best is the most efficient and sustainable method. 

One company is at the forefront of this mission to transform how fish fertilizer is made and the impact it has on the community. Located at the confluence of the Illinois, Mississippi and Missouri river, Captain Carp’s fish fertilizer flourished with the understanding that a healthier fish fertilizer was possible while also restoring the local rivers and supporting the local fisheries. 

The idea for fish fertilizers dates back to the Native American settlements when the tribes would bury whole fish in the soil beneath their crops. As sure as the driven sun, the harvests would be plush and plentiful. The holistic tradition is one Captain Carp carries forward to this day, tweaking the recipe to create a more viscous liquid fertilizer that’s easier to handle and use with hydroponics. But they didn’t stop there. 

The carp used in the fertilizer recipe is actually an extremely invasive species left over from the 1970’s fish farm days when they somehow invaded the Mississippi river. Not good. Today, carp make up 90% of the biomass in parts of the Mississippi river system, threatening the ecosystems in those regions. It’s so bad, environment agencies and the Federal government encourage the removal of said carp in order to restore the river balance. Captain Carp purchases the fish from the local fisheries around their offices in turn restoring the rivers while helping create jobs in the local communities. It’s a win/win! 

As the world changes to a more health-conscious lifestyle, companies will ultimately be forced to change as well. The fertilizer industry is no different. Captain Carp understands this and is at the forefront of the future of fertilizer: clean, healthy, locally sustained, and most of all, leaving a better planet than the one we inherited.

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