Imagine a modern-day cargo ship, but instead of using a motor to propel itself across the ocean, it uses a 1,000-square-meter kite to pull the ship through the water.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, that’s just a sailboat, correct? You don’t think that this idea we’ve just pitched to you is a modern marvel of supply chain logistics and sea travel, right?

With this information, you wouldn’t pull a page out from the proverbial book of French company Airseas, which is pitching its idea, “Seawing” as the next best thing since sailors started drinking their rum with lime to prevent scurvy, yeah?

According to an article from CNN, the whole point of Seawing, besides making you question your own sanity due to a similar invention being used for sea exploration since 4,500 BC, is to help cut cargo ship carbon emissions as well as fuel consumption.

We can only hope that Airseas stays in their lane and doesn’t hope to steal some of our own recent inventions, such as cooking our food before eating it to make it’s more nutrient dense, or using different handmade tools to allow us to gather more resources.