People are remarkable creatures.

In 2010, after having created small wooden toys for his children out of bamboo sticks for years, Taiwanese artist Chien-Chu Lee dove into something a bit more complex. Inspired by the intricately shaved pencil carvings of Brazilian-born Dalton Ghetti, Lee got to work honing his craft in mini-fun-size.


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Then, one of his works went viral. Lee managed to scalp the entire English alphabet into a single strand of mechanical pencil lead — measuring a staggering 0.5mm from one side to the other. From there, headlines went berserker for the calm-handed artist.

Lee now spends his time crafting tiny statues with only razor blades and an X-Acto knife, his works inspired by everything from elaborate architectural structures to pop culture icons — the Minions, E.T. and Mickey Mouse are some of his fan favorites. His Instagram is booming, each sculpture more awe-inspiring than the last.

“I try to give my best every time because I never know if there is a next time,” Lee says. “So I will push my limits to create something beyond your imagination.”


歲次丁酉 雞 The Rooster. 2017 is the year of Rooster for Chinese New Year.

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