Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Coloradans, lend me your ears (or your eyes in this case), for I’ve recently undergone a journey of pain, laughter, and regret—oh, the sweet and bitter taste of regret. The grand reopening of the legendary Casa Bonita was upon us this past May. Yes, that’s right, that marvelous pink palace of cliff divers and sopapillas, bursting at the seams with cheese-stuffed chile rellenos and an overwhelming smell of nostalgia was back and Rooster News was invited for a press day and private tour!

Now, your boy Brad here has always been a loyal fan, but being from New York, it’s always been my childhood dream to witness the pirate cave, the waterfall, and the heart-stopping joy of watching someone dive from a cliff while I munched on some gloriously sweet, golden sopapillas. To mark this momentous occasion, I had a plan, an audacious idea that was as bold as the taste of Casa Bonita’s signature chili con queso.

I decided it would be a brain busting idea to get a tattoo on my butt. Why, you might ask? Well, the allure of a gold membership to Casa Bonita is no less powerful than the pull of the moon on the ocean tides. My butt now proudly displays the misspelled words “Casa Bnita,” etched in black ink as a testament to my undying love (and questionable judgment).

Picture this, me strutting through the sacred halls of Casa Bonita, the ‘O’ intentionally missing from the tattoo, a cunning trick to bait the attention of the South Park legends themselves—Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I’d flash them my bottom, they’d chuckle, and hand me the gold membership card. A foolproof plan, right? Well, turns out, they weren’t there. They had other ‘important’ things to attend to like celebrating Matt’s birthday. Now, I’m left with an awkward conversation starter forever imprinted on my derriere, and they didn’t even see it. I should’ve just gone with a sombrero tattoo on my bicep. Don’t believe me? Don’t worry there’s video proof on the RoosterTV channel on YouTube!

This beloved pink palace has had a tumultuous history—good times, bad times, bankruptcy, and then resurrection, much like my dating life. With that being said, Casa Bonita isn’t just a restaurant. It’s a testament to the spirit of adventure, the embodiment of a unique blend of dining and entertainment that’s so weird it can only be born in Colorado.

Sure, now I bear a mark of questionable decisions, and no, I did not receive the golden ticket to unlimited sopapillas but let me tell you, that warm tortilla heaven, lathered in honey, is worth all the pain and humiliation. As for the South Park creators, they missed a great show!

Remember, folks, as the sopapillas keep coming and the cliff divers keep jumping, we are lucky to have this vibrant, outrageous place. Casa Bonita is a testament to the never-say-die spirit of Colorado, a reminder that no matter how many times you fall, you can rise again, stronger and weirder than ever. At the end of the day though, isn’t that what life’s all about? Taking risks, making mistakes, getting weird butt tattoos, and then looking back at it all and laughing until you choke on your Black Bart’s Cave nachos. So, don’t worry if Trey Parker and Matt Stone didn’t see your metaphorical butt tattoo. Life’s full of second chances, third chances, or in my case, just the right amount of chances. The only way forward is with a belly full of sopapillas and a smile. Signing off, this is a Big Brad World.

“Brad goes to casa bonita”

Hold onto your sombreros as I, Brad, Rooster Senior Culture Correspondent, dive headfirst into the newly renovated Casa Bonita in Lakewood, Colorado! From cliff divers to mariachi bands, to tacos and sopapillas, Casa Bonita will surely keep you entertained and your belly full!