4/20 isn’t just a holiday to celebrate smoking cannabis, but a day to celebrate the cannabis movement, how far it’s come and the people who have brought it to where it is today. It’s a chance to support the businesses giving back and driving the culture of cannabis forward in the right direction. 

Businesses, like Viola.

This Colorado-born premium cannabis company has the largest Black-owned footprint in the industry with an extensive menu in six states across the US and Canada. Celebrate 4/20 this year with their premium cannabis product offerings including their latest addition: high quality and highly potent live resin. 

Founded by former Denver NBA veteran, Al Harrington, Viola’s mission is rooted in building equity throughout the cannabis industry by increasing opportunities and representation. Viola strives to empower black and brown entrepreneurs in the industry, reinvests in the community and advocates for cannabis legalization and justice reform for those most affected by prohibition.

VIOLA recognizes the people who are intricately linked to the plant that drive both the industry and the culture forward. The company celebrates 10 years in the cannabis game this May, and they’ve got a lot to celebrate. Since they started back in 2011, they have become one of the most recognized multi-state cannabis brands.

Check out your local dispensary for Viola this 420 for special offers on their 100% live resin and other premium products.