Justin Taylor is a legend. Not in the sense that he's spoken to millions on Capitol Hill in D.C., engaging people around the world into political action; and he hasn't invented anything like the iPod that would alter the course of humanity moving forward, either. No, he once spent near a decade working on the perfect school photo prank, and did so quietly for his own enjoyment while irritating his parents and making people laugh.

Not all important moments in history come with ubiquity. 

What he did was wear the same shirt every year for school photos. The result is a finished and sealed archive of an expertly crafted troll, an event so meticulously executed it'll be enjoyed for millennia to come.

"I grew up in a small surf town, so wearing cool surf brands was the thing to do to fit in," he told Teen Vogue recently. "I didn't surf, but I really wanted to, so at the beginning of the year, my parents bought me a few things. However, they were expensive, so I only got a few shirts, and then my parents just got me regular stuff otherwise."

He wore his "cool shirt" by accident the year after and then just kind of made it his thing from there forward. He says he even wore it to get his driver's license photo. 

And what eventually became of the shirt? …