Weed doesn’t totally take the edge off being homeless, but it sure couldn’t hurt …

Sadly, Denver consistently ranks in the Top 10 for most homeless people per-capita in the US. And while a warm meal is often a staple of seasonal charity for those less fortunate this time of year, Denver organization Cannabis Can decided to try a different proactive tactic: handing out free holiday joints to Denver’s homeless … and lots of them.

Instead of dishing out helpings of turkey and dressing, Cannabis Can and a team of local volunteers took to the streets around 4:00 PM Christmas Day (dangerously close to 4:20) and handed out 1,000 pre-rolled joints of Grade A bud to those without food or shelter. The volunteers distributed the yuletide joints primarily in the Colfax, Lawrence and Broadway areas of the city.

The non-governmental organization (NGO) stated that the point of the campaign, rather than simply divvying out meals or clothes, was to focus on the issue of homelessness with a fresh approach. The blunt stunt was supposed to raise enough money to provide the local homeless population with access to restrooms, showers, and haircuts.

“'Cannabis can make a difference,’ is kind of what we’re standing for,” Nick Dicenzo, a member of the non-profit tells Denver’s KMGHTV. “Merry Christmas, Happy Cannamas – would you like some rolling papers?”

Uh … yes?

Well … all this makes perfect sense to us. Although food and shelter rank pretty high on the hierarchy of needs, a little marijuana is probably slightly better at taking the edge off being homeless than say, a dollop of canned cranberry sauce.

Just Denver doing Denver things.