Who wants to buy a pipe anyway? 

Marijuana is proven to boost creativity — and there isn't any study or anything to back up that claim, we've just seen it time and time again when our stoner friends needs something to smoke out of. 

Leave it to the hard-working weed smoker to transform nearly anything in the world into a smoking apparatus. After trolling through the Internet, we found our favorite creative ways to burn one down. 

11) The Super Smoker

10) The Lego Tower of Power

9) The Real Reason N64 Controllers Are Shaped That Way

8) Your Daily Serving Of Dank

7) Freshen (And Unfreshen) Your Breath

6) The Only Way To Make Band Class Cool

5) Post-Munchies Manufacturing

4) The Spooky Smokey

3) Flyin' High

2) The Sweet 'N' Sticky

1) The Best We've Ever Seen, Ever

We mean, come on. A pack of Starburst? A treasured candy we've been eating our entire lives? We never would've thought of that. Thank you, weed.