Except the creator made one colossal mistake!

Craigslist, what a brilliant art piece. It's one of the only successful sites online that will never allow itself to change. Sure, there have always been massive bids to get it modernized from vulture capitalists, but that Craig said fuck it, he likes it the way it is. Simple. Elegant.

So here we have this rudimentary post-it board of everything you can imagine, birthed from everyone you can imagine. Because of that, there's some weird shit on there from time to time. Like this Colorado starter kit being sold right now. It offers amazing packages for the transplants in town including an all-you-can-eat buffet at Casa Bonita, Platte River swim excursions and added consultant expertise on the best cities to live (i.e. Greeley and Commerce City).

It reads:

Are you new to Colorado? Looking to have the ultimate Rocky Mountain experience? Then you gotta check out our "Welcome to Colorado" starter kit. This package includes the following:

1. Platte River swim excursion. Swim in pure Rocky Mountain spring water. (For an extra $5 you can drink water flowing over a rock…for safety.)

2. All you can eat at Casa Bonita. Enjoy unlimited portions of the best Mexican food that Colorado has to offer.

3. Late night walk down 16th St Mall. This beautiful late night walk will show you the true beauty of downtown Denver.

4. Winter driving lessons. You will learn how to drive in the snow on Mount Evans highway, one of the safest places to drive in all of Colorado during the winter.

5. Best places to live. We will show you the most beautiful towns to live in Colorado like Greeley, and Commerce City to name a few.

Except, whomever created the posting made a colossal error when having a bit of fun. They allowed parties to contact them about other commercial interests. Noooo!!! Filter your email, good sir or madame. You've just made one of the rookiest mistakes out there. Your inbox is fucked …

If anyone is genuinely interested in the package, you still need to dress and pack for the occasion. That's where we come in …

Godspeed, travelers.