Chipotle wants to be Shake Shack sooo bad.

With all the negative hubbub about Chipotle's poison burritos, the company has been grasping for ways to diversify and adapt to people's understandable wariness of their food.

Currently, they've already got two other fast casual growth seeds open; Southeast Asian chain ShopHouse and a partnership with Colorado's own Pizzeria Locale, but now, it seems as if they're moving into a whole new territory altogether: BURGIES!

Ah yes, America's fattest pastime.

Rumor has it the burrito chain has just nailed down the trademark for "Better Burger," a nice-but-quick burger chain that'll operate under the Chipotle model of hasty food made interactively using ultra high-quality (and hopefully not poisoned) ingredients.

Spokesman Chris Arnold announced the burger direction to Bloomberg, saying “the Chipotle model could be applied to a wide variety of foods.”

A recent public filing from the company elaborates, saying its “fundamental principles” are “finding the very best sustainably raised ingredients, prepared and cooked using classical methods in front of the customer, and served in an interactive format.”

Chipotle's burger dreams come at an interesting time in their little history during which its recovery from its recent foodborne illness disaster has resulted in what is expected to be its first-ever quarterly loss. This'll definitely make competing against other burger giants like Shake Shack and Five Guys pretty interesting, but we're guessing that given the success of Locale and ShopHouse, Better Burger will do just fine. That is, assuming E.Coli is on vacation …

No word yet on when Chipotle will start catapulting cheeseburgers into your face, or where Better Burger stores will start to pop up, but we have to say we're still pretty excited regardless because this means we'll be seeing our diabetes doctor more often now. That dude is so funny!