We love free stuff, but the potential multiple days of diarrhea kinda scare us off … 

So the Colorado-based Chipotle has had a tough year. We love their football-sized burritos, but all this food-borne illness has us a little wary. From six different outbreaks, there have been over 500 people effected with the shits. We're incredibly unlucky and our odds of winning the lottery are terrible, but we have this sinking feeling that we'd win the "shit our pants" lottery if we dropped by for a snack. 

So what the hell do you do when people are afraid of your food? You give it away, apparently. 

The company is expected to give away a total of $70 million in free burritos between February and May, assuming that the cost of a burrito is about $8. That's about 16% of the company's total sales last year, according to Business Insider

Chipotle said Wednesday that it has already redeemed about 2.5 million mobile offers — or about $20 million in free burritos.

The company is also sending out 21 million direct-mail coupons for free food in the coming weeks, and executives expect about 30% of those offers — or roughly 6.3 million — to be redeemed.

That puts Chipotle all in for another $50.4 million in free food before May 15, when the mailed coupons expire.

On the plus side, if you love Chipotle regardless, there aren't any lines anymore!

To really give you everything you need to know on the subject, look no further than John Oliver.