M'eh, we've pretended to be friends with people for less …

Chipotle's been having a rough go at things lately. After that whole E. coli scare earlier this year, the restaurant chain reportedly saw a dramatic decrease in profits, almost an 80 percent one, in fact. For a food brand teetering on the necessity of big money coming in to succeed globally, a situation such as this one could spell disaster for it. 

So it's sought myriad ways to bring people back. Loyalty programs, free burritos timely placed Buzzfeed articles — even ditching one board member for a more gender/racially inclusive one — are a few ways the restaurant is trying to gain real world likes. But its latest offering could very well be the piece of the puzzle it was missing.

Introducing: Chipotle's 'Buy One Get One' Happy Hour, a program running now through the end of September at 66 locations throughout Colorado. Thanks Chipotle!

That's right, the corporate burrito slingers want to give you free booze so that you stay friends with it. *shrug* Whatever works. 

The only catch is that for each customer, one free drink is offered. No more, no less. 

M'eh, why not, we've pretended to be better friends with crappier people for far less.