Christie: "Get high while you can, Denver. When I'm President, it's all over."

On Thursday, presidential candidate and New Jersey Turnpike goblin, Gov. Chris Christie, a candidate for the 2016 Republican nomination, singlehandedly put the Mile High City on blast, threatening to have all of our godless stoners locked up for smoking that legal weed.

“If I’m president, no getting high in Denver,” he stated plainly. “Get high now while you can. When I’m president it’s over.”

According to an article by Jeff Poor, Christie states the lack of enforcement of federal laws currently is reflective of the lawless Obama administration.

“The fact is, this president only enforces the laws that he likes,” he tells Fox News. “You don’t want to enforce the federal marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington — go ahead and get high.”

Yeah, thanks for the fat sacks Obama!

Christie ranted and raved and made no qualms about his desire to bring an end to individual states bypassing federal marijuana laws. If elected, Christie notes he would enforce the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) which makes the possession, distribution and manufacturing marijuana, a so-called Schedule I drug, a federal crime.

It may sound like hard-talk, but the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution makes is possible for Christie to follow through on his promise. The Clause states, as noted by the LA Times: “When federal and state law clash, federal law wins. Accordingly, the Supreme Court has established that if a state law interferes with congressional policies and objectives, it cannot stand.”

As noted by the Times, violations of the CSA are: “punishable by imprisonment. And the CSA further provides that all money generated by the sale of illegal drugs, including marijuana, is forfeitable to the federal government.”

Thankfully, Christie is trailing Tronald Dump by double-digits and recently dropped out of the top 10 in the latest GOP poll — meaning, for now, our blunts are safe.