Every Tuesday artists vie to take our valuable coin and to be the best on the numbers chart following Tuesday Release Day. Here's what we got with our hard-earned ducats for the week of August 6, 2013.

The Civil Wars – “The Civil Wars” It’s nothing short of amazing that this album actually came to be. Joy Williams and John Paul White, who respectively lead in their portion of The Civil Wars, reportedly aren’t even talking to one another. Citing “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition” while calling off a European tour, the duo sound like more of a phony Hollywood marriage than they do musicians. Regardless, the new album was on time and is receiving reputable praise in the wake of their indeterminate break-up. Don’t expect much in the form of passion out of the bluegrass and opulent folk the act is popular for, but don’t discredit the overall talent they can deliver, even recording through the nasty dramatics.

Asking Alexandria – “From Death To Destiny” Asking Alexandria’s previous albums were written mostly about alcohol, drugs and sex. Strange to see those kinds of things make their way into rock albums, isn’t it? “From Death To Destiny” though, was purposely made a little happier, and more accessible, as the band wanted to open their doors more to other fans. The first single “Run Free,” that was released in August of last year, is a good introduction to the act for those who’ve never heard of them. It’s a palatable force that can lay theme for the newest collection of tracks, a long awaited addition to the band’s solid discography.

K. Flay – “What If It Is” Even though we hate to say things like “she’s made it in a male-dominated genre” or “because she’s a chick, it’s cooler;” we’d be remiss to think that neither of these hold true. Yes, she’s a female M.C. that’s kicking ass in a predominately male-ran force, but she’s also really unique, solid and likeable – sex be damned. Each track runs with her methodical flow and even opens up to a more sincere melody on “The Cops.” The "What If It Is" EP was released for people to subside themselves on before she hits the road in support of Swedish duo Icona Pop, during the North American “Iconic Tour.” FYI: They’ll be visiting us here 09/07/2013 at The Gothic Theater.

KT Tunstall – “Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon” It’s not often we hear about an album coming out of Arizona. Regardless, KT Tunstall’s new double-titled album “Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon” is another emotional journey through the true losses of the storyteller. In the months between recordings, Tunstall lost her father to an unforeseen accident (while he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease), and also ended a ten-year relationship with her husband. In an interview with NPR, Tunstall describes that, "Songs can have a very weird, precognitive nature to them where they're almost fortune telling for you, and at the time of writing you don't know what they mean. Then a few months later, you're like, 'Oh, okay. This is what it means.' It's like your subconscious is ahead of you."