It’s Coachella season and by the time you’re clocked out of work today there will have been 10 overdoses, 315 upchucking minors and thousands of disappointed rookies who bought aspirin, rather than the robust gnarbucket of drugs they were promised. The festival starts today, April 12th on the first day of a two weekend series.

Cheapchella it isn’t. Presumably most of the revelers there have the expendable cash lying around to throw at flash-in-the-pan artists, but we here at The Rooster are broke as fuck. Since YouTube started live broadcasting the event some years ago, we’ve decided that the possibility of rubbing sweaty elbows with some of the danked up douches just wasn’t as appealing. Why bother, when most of it is free from the sweet comfort of your own home?

Starting at 3:30p.m. specific time, that is specifically California time, the broadcast will commence featuring Jake Bugg, Stars and Tokyo Ska Paradise on YouTube’s three dedicated channels. Enjoy all the artists now because chances are that this time next year some other band will have taken their place in the over-hyped suck grotto that is the Internet. Our advice: Cheap beer, someone else’s pot and your phone close by to periodically remind yourself that even though they’re electronic, your friends still “like” you.