If you’ve noticed lately that a little ruckus and mayhem was missing from Denver then it may be because of the lack of Cobraconda on the streets. Following a short-hiatus, the self-proclaimed “rap for metal heads who like to rave” outfit is back and ready for summer. The recently released video for “Midnight” is a familiar joint from the group that harnesses its power from nose drugs and the best assortment of boozes. The dark and menacing tone again lays parallel to their unapologetic style and reminds listeners of a time in hip-hop that once was.

Filmed on the streets of Denver, “Midnight” showcases familiar landmarks and perilous backdrops with equally abrasive context. Their videos and lyrical content are about as far from kid friendly as you can get, which makes for an oddly comfortable affair knowing there are still artists who choose not to fall victim to the overly political correctness of present day.

The single is the beginning to a full on summer release from the group, the first of a series they’ve dubbed SUMMERJAMZ. Each week they’ll be posting on their soundcloud a new single in hopes you’ll join them in their party crusade.

A comeback show of sorts is scheduled at The HiDive on June 6th with Yonnas Abraham, DJ Largechild, The Broadway, Pushing Up Daisies and Turner Jackson. Tickets are $6 in advance and will be open to everyone 21 and older. Other shows include a July 5th appearance at Lazy Dog in Boulder and July 13th at The Moxi in Greeley.