Former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda ain't fuckin' around …

Earlier today, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee commenced hearings on whether or not Senator Jeff Sessions will become the next Attorney General. If his peers accept him into the seat, it could mean many things for drugs in this country (namely legal cannabis), this all considering he’ll be the guy above the guy in enforcing our drug laws.

The particularly bleak nomination scares the bejesus out of a lot of people, and for good reason. But according to an interview this morning on NPR, Mexico promises that if America doesn’t behave itself moving forward, it could very well flood our black market with even more drugs — inevitably making cocaine and other things cheap as hell.

That's a broken levee Sessions would have a hard time controlling.

On NPR’s Morning Edition, journalist Steve Inskeep interviewed former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda. In the 6 minute chat, Castañeda opened up about Mexico’s leverage on the United States and very blatantly suggested that it wouldn’t be in Trump’s best interest for he and his team to not play nice with our neighbors to the south.

He maintains that if the new president makes unreasonable demands, Mexico has the power to ‘just say no.’

“Mexico has paid an enormous price for [America’s] War on Drugs — which I disagree with — but the governments here have pursued,” he said. “This has been a costly bloody war for Mexico. It has done it largely because the United States has insisted. But it has done it because these have been friendly administrations on the U.S. side. It doesn’t have to do it.”

Surprised by the threat, NPR’s Inskeep interjected with what every other listener was likely thinking at the time.

“Let me put a point on what you’re suggesting there,” he said. “Because I think I hear you saying, if the Trump administration plays rough with Mexico, one thing Mexico could very well do is let more drugs flow into the United States.”

Not even bothering to backtrack on it, Castañeda went on to add that Mexico might just stop its efforts in the war altogether, that there’s “no good reason” for Mexico to continue paying the price of a failed campaign on their end.

He added that the U.S. has the right to do all the things Trump is promising, but Mexico can also do things on its side.

It’s like a Twitter beef, but in real life.

As a former Mexican Foreign Minister, Castañeda likely doesn’t have much of a podium to stand on anymore, but the threat of just saying “fuck it” and pulling back drug authorities would mean for an exceptionally large amount of product to flood a still flourishing American black market. Basic economics say, if that were to happen, supply would be at an all time high, making the prices for it conceivably hitting an all time low.

Of course, this would be a bad thing for America considering we’re tit-deep in an opioid epidemic right now and large truckloads of things like fentanyl continue to make way through the borders while killing off American citizens at an alarming rate in the process.

Maybe it’s not the best leverage to be working with, but it’s leverage. Too bad world leaders have to be so damn petty.

For what it’s worth, however, Castañeda also suggested that Mexico might just turn down immigrants that Trump kicks out too, because hey, they ‘don’t look Mexican.’

“I don’t know what Mexicans look like,” he said. “I know Mexicans that have papers, prove to me they’re Mexican.”

[click here for audio of the full interview on NPR]