But who needs people when you have music?

Fancy yourself an advanced level vinyl collector? Bad news: You're probably a middle-aged hermit who has a hard time expressing emotions to other people. 

This from a new survey published by YouGov via the analysis of its online profiles. 

Over the past several years, vinyl collection has made its way to the mainstream again, driven by nostalgic boomers and younger millennials alike. But while those crappy stores like Urban Outfitters are banking on the hobbyists being within their targeted younger demographics, the new research from YouGov suggests the complete opposite. Per its stats, record collectors mostly fall into the 45-54 group, while the 18- 24-year-olds want nothing to do with it.

On top of that, vinyl enthusiasts are more likely to keep their feelings to themselves, and enjoy being alone more often than non record purchasers.

All's not lost in this, however, as vinyl collectors admit to enjoying music far more than their counterparts, and support the arts by buying merch and albums (and abhorring illegal downloading) more than the pseudo-hip layman. Vinyl listeners are simply passionate about music.

But honestly, who need the gift of youth or friends around to bother you when there's music occupying most of your time anyways?