It's a word we use all the time living in Colorado's majestic natural landscape.

Living in Colorado, it's important to carry a certain mental lexicon of words that can describe our majestic natural landscape.

After all, this state is really bauetyful.

Wait … beayutiful … ?

Fuck … Beutifull?!

If you're one of the many Coloradans who don't know how to help me spell this word, then I guess I understand where the following piece of data comes from:

According to a 2016 survey by Google Trends on America's top spelling mistakes, Coloradans have no idea how to spell the word "beautiful."

The survey looked at the top words each state fails to spell correctly through counting how many times "How do you spell _____" was typed into the search bar, and, lo and behold, Coloradans just have no idea how to spell the one word that describes our purple mountains, meandering rivers, vast forests and sweeping valleys.

No wonder everyone has been describing Colorado's stunning landscape as "lit" lately …

Nationally, “pneumonia” was the most-misspelled word. “Beautiful” was actually second, and “desert,” “maintenance” and “appreciate” rounded out the top five. Jesus Christ, America is going to sheet … wait, shytt. OMG. SHIETT!?

Well, you know what? At least we know how to spell "diarrhea." Arizona, we can't say the same for you.

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