Kids: ruining everything since day one.

Whether its purposeful or not kids really love to ruin things. From their parent's bank accounts to other peoples fun at movie theaters – kids love to shit on it all.

You know how a baby giraffe can walk within a few minutes of being born? Well kids are a lot like that with ruining things. Sure, it might take a kid like a year to learn to walk but they sure can suck the fun out of everything within their first few minutes on earth.

Now it appears that some edible marijuana products will be added to the very long list of things kids have ruined.

Yesterday a Colorado House committee voted 10-2 in favor of HB 16-1436 which would ban the sale of marijuana edibles in what could be considered fun shapes. Specifically the bill bans edibles in the shape of humans, fruits, and animals. Which would mean no more gummy bear edibles! What. The. Hell.

HB-1436 comes in response to ongoing criticism that edible marijuana can be too easily confused with normal weed-less food. This has parents who leave their edibles in reach of their children in an uproar and they want their delicious edibles to appear less appealing.

Since 2009, at least 19 children in Colorado have gone to the emergency room for unknowingly eating marijuana products. Which sucks but did the shape of the candy they ate really have anything to do with this?

Surprisingly, the bill doesn't prohibit the sale of marijuana candies overall – which it would really need to if you wanted to ensure kids arent eating weed. If this bill passes you'll still be able to go to a dispensary and buy a weed lollipop or chocolate bar which is still super kid-friendly. Yet, you wouldn't be able to buy a pack of weed infused gummy bears. What an arbitrary line to draw.

Plus, gummy edibles will still be available so long as they're sold in geometric shapes and definitely not gummy bear shapes. But everyone knows that gummy candies are way less delicious when they aren't in fun shapes. This whole thing is absurd.

Manufacturers are worried about the potential costs associated with retooling their operations to meet the proppsed regulations. One manufacturer said his business he will have to pay $100,000 or $200,000 to adjust their operation to meet the news regulations.

After voting in favor of banning gummy bear edibles the house committe discussed banning the sale of broken glass in the shape of gummy bears for fear that kids would unwittingly eat broken glass.


Photo credit: Albanese Candy