Welcome to the future, where weed vapor tastes like pina coladas and everything is delicious.

You deep into that vape life? Your lungs filled with more translucent vapor than anyone would reasonably expect them to hold? Good for you kid, but we've got some news that'll rock the molten core of your vape pen.

But first, let us make a distinction about "dat vape life."

Hstorically there have been nicotine vape pens for cigarette people, and weed vape pens for stoners. The only difference apart from active incredient has been that nicotine pens were blessed with the addition of flavors. Nicotine addicts get to have all the fun with "crazy and wild" vape pen tastes like ‘Mother’s Milk’ and ‘German Chocolate Beefcake.' So delicious/disgusting.

Weed vape pens, however, offered nothing in the way of flavor; just bland, plain old haze that bypassed your tastebuds entirely on its way your lungs …

… Until now (cue "We Are the World, We Are the Children").

Neos, the Denver-based cannabis electronic vaporization oil (EVO) extract company who recently made headlines after producing the first marijuana television advertisement, has miraculously invented the world's first line of cannabis-infused flavored disposable vaporizer pens. Finally, all is right in the world.

"The Neos flavor line is just another way we are revolutionizing and reinventing cannabis extracts," said Neos Lead Extraction Artist Guy Rocourt in a press release. “These flavors were engineered to contribute to users experience, and they are a great way to enjoy cannabis without the signature smell.”

The pre-filled .2 ml pens are now available in recreational dispensaries across Colorado and California. With each flavor Neos offers, they’ve even sniffed out a strain that would go well with it, like a pack of red-eyed dank hounds. Right now, they’ve got four flavors and strain pairings:

Grape, which works well with some purple cotton kush which already has that grape flavor that’ll bring you back to your days as a kid when you had fistfuls of candy said dumb shit like, “Tastes like purple.” Bet you wish you still had all that candy.

Pina Colada, which goes with some citrusy, fruity sativas to give you that wide awake, djembe drum bangin’ stoner island fever.

Clove, which was obviously inspired by those spicy-sweet clove cigarettes we all know and love, which was weed-infused with an equally spicy strain to, and I quote, “create a concert of flavor and dankness.”

And finally, the most popular of the bunch to celebrate your end-of-summer smoking, Strawberry-Mint. This works with the minty flavor common in a lot of different strains, and pairs well with the strawberry like some sort of fancy fruit salad.

So, head on over to Neos to find the right vigilante space pirate smoking accessory, aka vape pen, for you … and enjoy the flavored goodness as it reminds you of just how ferocious your munchies really are.