It wouldn't be Colorado if this WEREN'T happening …

Ever since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, the Broncos' “Mile High Stadium” has been a not-so tongue-in-cheek joke in itself. But now, thanks to a potential contractual default, the famed stadium might actually acquire an even weed-ier name than before, as local dispensary Native Roots is trying to take over the naming rights of Sports Authority Field.

Native Roots, the Colorado-based dispensary Goliath, is ready to make an offer for the naming rights of the current defending champion’s stadium.

“We may breathe green but we bleed orange,” said Josh Ginsberg, CEO of Native Roots. “Just like John Denver so memorably sang in ‘Rocky Mountain High,’ it only makes sense that the company which gains the new naming rights of Mile High be reflective of Colorado.”

Ol’ Ginsberg's desire to festoon Mile High with a Native Roots coat of arms is very real. Because of the announcement's timing, many people were originally skeptical of the claim, chalking it up as simply another April Fools prank — but Native Roots is completely serious about the proposition. 

“This is not an April Fools’ joke,” reiterated Native Roots partner Rhett Jordan.

Sports Authority currently has a contract in partnership with the Denver Broncos for the next four years; however, the company declared bankruptcy March 2, meaning Sports Authority may not be able to make its next payment of $6 million in August.

If a default were to happen, Native Roots is ready to foot the multimillion-dollar bill. The company would like to see the arena renamed “Native Roots Stadium at Mile High.”

Although the cost of naming rights appears to be no problem for the company, the legalities of the partnership have already been widely disputed. Beyond the fact that marijuana is banned under the current, completely bogus NFL substance policy, current state laws restrict outdoor advertising on marijuana dispensaries (i.e. the entire basis of the partnership in general).

For now, it looks like Sports Authority may need one hell of a fire sale on cleats and jock straps to make good on their contractual obligations; however, with a 93 percent increase in marijuana spending from 2014-15, it’s safe to say that if Sports Authority can’t pay-up, Big Weed sponsors like Native Roots will have no trouble taking names and writing checks to pick up where they left off …

Some alternate stadium names in case Native Roots' idea doesn't stick:

1. Weed Is Legal Here, Have You Noticed? Oh Yeah, Stadium.

2. Mile High-On-That-Legal-Weed Stadium

3. Perfect Example of Rampant Weed Money Football Hole


5. Palace of the THC Ponies

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