People who smoke weed can murder you, just not with a government-approved licensed weapon. 'Merica!

A recent measure that pushed for Colorado's government to give gun permits to liscened weed smokers failed miserably this week when it didn't garner enough signatures for placement on the 2016 ballot.

The deadline to collect 98,492 signatures this year is July 29, but organizers say they will fall short because many people feel those under the influence of federally illegal substances shouldn't be able to murder anyone or shoot Coke cans off a log. Nope, only sober people are allowed to do that.

Is it just us, or does none of this make sense? Marijuana use has actually been correlated with a reduction in domestic violence and violent crime. Plus, legalization of weed in Colorado and Washington has even lead to less drug trafficking violence. What's more, is that no research shows that weed leads to inappropriate gun use. Sure, someone who shoots their neighbor's barking dog may smoke weed, but someone who doesn't has a pretty equal chance of committing the same crime. Marijuana and irresponsible gun use simply don't go hand-in-hand.

Of course, psychotic episodes stemming from prescription drug side effects and overdoses are all too common, yet anyone with a Wellbutrin prescription can purchase a firearm and conceal that bad boy on their daily dog walk.

Nevertheless, the Colorado Campaign for Equal Gun Rights, the group who organized the petition, said they're hoping to launch another signature-gathering campaign next year.

The campaign aims to change state law to prevent sheriffs from denying concealed carry permits because of someone's marijuana use. Though it's very legal Colorado to smoke weed, the measure would put the state in conflict with federal guidelines to keep guns away from marijuana users.

So, until the measure passes, we're just gonna have to be satisfied with being shot at by drunk dudes OD-ing on Xanax for now! What is the world …