This month in The Rooster Magazine we highlighted twelve of our favorite bands and artists in our “Local Music Madness” feature. They are all making the neatest of sounds and adding their own unique piece to our sonic culture here in Colorado. But we can say all we want about them, and it wouldn’t make any difference to you whether or not you like their style. So here we are, offering up some of their music.

Today is Hillary Hand’s day; and Hillary Hand wants to give you some free music. Just click on the ‘download’ button on the Soundcloud insert below, and enjoy. 

    The demanding life of Hillary Hand is one that supplies her writing with plenty of inspiration. She’s a traveler, a family woman and through it all manages to contribute alluring music. Oddly enough, the artist never wrote a song before 2011. While she had been playing the piano since the age of 6, it took years to actually convey her emotions in the structure of song. Since, she has been writing and recording with very little breathing room between the two.

    Hand is what one comes to expect from a singer / songwriter. The whole genre usually emphasizes more on the tone and story of the vocals than the accompanying melodies. The narrative becomes more vivid and emotional with the approach, grappling at heartstrings with a soft ferocity.

    Her newest EP “Paper Doll,” was released this past summer on Unboxed Records, and is a delicate work of subtle harmonies with stark contrasts in instrumentation. It’s a soulful listen that lies in the cohesive boundaries of the singer / songwriter account, and manages to attract the common nuances of the genre with her own flare of personality.

*As always, support those artists that you like, and don’t be an awful person by downloading illegally what you should pay for. Artists work hard to make this world a little less boring, and should be compensated as such.