Get your shit together, Colorado marijuana enthusiasts … 

With great power comes great responsibility, and if you leave your edibles lying around where your pets can get into them, you're the king of the assholes. Since they literally eat shit, there's nothing that will stop any dog from eating those brownies and getting out-of-their-mind high.

Dogs do come to resemble their owners, but no matter how much you love weed, your dog just doesn't. No matter what. Taking too many edibles can be a psyche-destroying experience if you don't have the tolerance and you're not ready for it — but just imagine if you took a mind-crushing amount of weed without even knowing you did. Bet you'd think you were going crazy, right? Well, that's what you're doing to your dog. 

As per a report from KWGN, the number of dogs that've been treated for pot overdoses has skyrocketed, proving that people aren't being responsible with their gift from the heavens.

The Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital reports treating at least five dogs per day that have ingested marijuana.

Five a day? Clearly, the animal in Wheat Ridge's ad isn't just laying down being thoughtful — it's stoned off its ass, praying that it won't live the rest of its short life clinging to sanity. 

Ted Henderson at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital says his practice has seen a major increase in intoxicated animals since pot became legal in Colorado in January 2014. “We used to see it maybe once or twice a year. Now we see it once or twice a month,” Henderson tells KWGN.

In the report, the outlet details what happened to one unsuspecting owner who lives in Denver's Highlands, Kate Pinto.

"It was terrifying. I came home from work to [find my roommate] Rudy crying with Tembo lying in the grass in front of the house. Tembo was drooling uncontrollably, like a faucet from his mouth," Pinto said.

Tembo was lethargic and could barely walk. Pinto and her roommate took the pup to an emergency veterinarian, who told them Tembo must have consumed a lot of marijuana given the fact a dog his size was having such a bad reaction. Tembo is part Great Dane.

That majestic bastard deserves better than a near-death experience. Come on, people. 

If you bring your dog in, veterinarians treat intoxicated dogs with IV’s and rest.

If they're brought in within four hours of eating the edible, they can induce vomiting to reduce the side effects. In cases where the dog has had it in their system for longer, inducing vomiting is ineffective because the marijuana shuts off the dog’s gag reflex.

Your dog won't die, but you're seriously fucking with the poor animal. The vets say your dog can suffer mental issues, stress, seizures and exposure to toxins after ingesting cannabis.

So while everyone should be able to get high as giraffe pussy if they want to, for god's sake, keep your animals safe.