M'eh, we all make mistakes …

We're no stranger to making the occasional oopsie. The typo is a content creator's worst nightmare, but for the most part, they can be fixed immediately with few noticing or really giving a shit anymore (this is the Internet, after all). But when you're a huge and respected outlet writing a story on Colorado's weed and where it's being smuggled to, best to double, triple, even quadruple check everything before it goes live. Because if not, you're likely to not have one massive error, but two, and the savages of the 'net are going to be relentless in their deliverance. 

When smuggling Colo. pot, not even the sky's the limit is USA Today's most recent article about us and our pot. When it was posted, Twitter (and many outlets) reacted to the embedded media with predictable jokes about "being high" or getting into the cannabis candy jar. Surprisingly, however, we have yet to find one outlet that also pointed to the glowing error of having two "J's" in marijuana. But that's just us being Grammar Nazis because we have no friends, we suppose. 

It's fixed now, but we're betting whatever poor intern they made design that map for free is out of a non-paying job right now.